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Kids Discover Music

“There is a unique intimacy in the dialogue that happens in such a small setting that can’t be replicated in the concert hall.” -Julia Lawson Haney, Concertmaster

Kids Discover Music (KDM) brings the BSO’s string quartet (two violins, viola, & cello) directly into the classroom to allow children to experience a powerful introduction to the world of music. This program is designed to integrate musical concepts and activities into existing classroom curriculum. KDM musician Paulette Shires says, “We perform music that relates to the students, familiar tunes they’ve heard in cartoons, movies, and television.” Selections such as the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song, “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid, and “Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles, are played by the quartet to demonstrate how orchestral instruments aren’t just used in classical music. Other selections, such as “Eine Kleine Nacht Musick” by Mozart, shows how the students may be more familiar with classical music than they originally thought.

In addition to entertaining and igniting a passion for music, the quartet teaches life lessons centered around being a professional musician like work ethics, dedication, and team work. There is also an in depth conversation about how the violin is made, the individual parts that make it a complete instrument, and the sounds/vibrations it makes when plucked or bowed.

For more information or to book a KDM visit at your school, please call the BSO office at 661-323-7928.

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