Exciting changes have been undertaken by the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra as M. Bryan Burrow facilitates a re-branding of the BSO. This 80 year old organization has a wonderful and very talented orchestra. Many of its members have been part of this orchestra for decades. Unlike many symphony’s across the United States, the BSO has stood the test of time through very difficult economic times. With generous supporters, Mr. Burrow is adding programs back into its lineup to better serve this community. “We are continuing to live our mission of great performances and music education to the youth in our community”, said Mr. Burrow. The BSO is looking at the way it does business as well as how all of its programs are facilitated. Excellence is top of mind and top of priority in all it does.

Many of its changes will affect audience sizes, concert experience, community outreach, and expansion of its youth programs. Here are a few changes so far…

1. Lower ticket prices for the 2013-2014 Season
2. Revamped and improved Conductor’s Circle
3. New logo, new website, and new commercials
4. Focus on having our musicians hired for community events
5. Improved business operations
6. Volunteer Opportunities

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