The Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra (BSO) has an exciting Young People’s Concert series (YPC’s) we host at the Rabobank Theater. Elementary students, secondary students, and teachers from across Kern County have enjoyed our programs for more than thirty years. Through our partnerships with the Kern County Superintendent of Schools and the Bakersfield City School District we have inspired young people to have a lifetime love for music. The BSO performs three themed concerts a year which are specifically designed for young audiences and meet scholastic standards set by the State of California. This is the perfect way to entertain and educate students at the same time. Here is our program lineup:

This concert is scheduled for the Wednesday prior to the BSO October concert each year. The program introduces the four families of instruments that comprise an orchestra — strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion. The program is an interactive experience between the children, the conductor, and the musicians. Music lineup extends from exciting classical music to popular movie themed music. Children begin to realize a lot of the music is recognizable either through movies or through video games. As the orchestra performs the various pieces, the children sit at the edge of their seats as many of them experience an orchestra for the very first time.

DECEMBER 11 & 12, 2014, YPC
Our December YPC features a truncated version of the Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Ballet. The BSO partners with the Civic Dance Center to bring this ballet to life. The ballet includes many young dancers, similar in age to the students in the audience. A couple of the young dancers are chosen before the opening scene or during a scene change to give interviews. They are asked to describe to the audience how they were introduced to ballet, how much time they spend in lessons/practice and how they “juggle” a schedule of their dancing with school and homework. An advantage with this YPC is the experience of live orchestra music in combination with young ballet dancers. The students can see and hear the orchestra in the orchestra pit which creates a full and rich experience and reinforces the lessons learned in discovering the instruments from our October YPC. The students also interact with the full costumed dancers in the aisles of the theater as they exit.

FEBRUARY 11, 2015, YPC
The YPC season ends with Prokiev’s Peter and the Wolf . During this performance the students learn how music can bring to life a story especially strong when combined with dancers. They recognize that the sound of a particular instrument is the voice of Peter and the animals. There is a cross over from music/dance to language as teachers can have their students retell the story told by the ballet and orchestra. This is a popular program every year.

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