Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra

Our Musicians

The BSO has very talented musicians who are primarily from Kern County. There are a few who enjoy playing with the BSO from outside the area.

We are currently have two open chairs: Principal Flute and Harp. Auditions for those chairs, as well as sub positions for any other instrument, will be held September 30 and October 1, 2019. Please contact the BSO office (661-323-7928 or for further information.

Violin I
Julia L. Haney, Concertmaster
Donna Fraser, Associate C.M.
Ellie Bunker, Assistant C.M.
Elizabeth Kinney
Tim Swanson
Debra Ellis
Lisa Fritz
Jeff Fritz
Josh Estrada
Hali McAlpine

Violin II
Amy McGuire, Principal
Deborah Perkins
Elvira Arambula
Marcia Maynard
Elaine LeCain
Andrea von Schriltz
Nicole Barnett
Jason Gomez

Evan Hesketh, Principal
Alex Navarro, Co-Principal
Melissa McGlumphy
Paulette Shires
Helen Crosby
Sandra Garro
Isabel Thiroux
Kay Sanderson

Dieter Wulfhorst, Principal
Alex Wilson
Paul Young, Co-Principal
Caroline Coward
Anna McCoy
Natosha Cervantes
Heather Walkover
Kevin Mills

Double Bass
Barry Newton, Principal
John Hester
Whitney Herbst
Jay Rubottom


**Open**, Principal
Audrey Boyle

Jeanne Johnson-Hurry

Laura Arganbright, Principal
Brett Clausen

English Horn
Brett Clausen

Mary Moore, Principal
Kristin Nakagawa

Bass Clarinet
Jeff Dundas

Melissa Frey, Principal
Steve Thiroux
Kathleen Ruiz

Contra Bassoon
Kathleen Ruiz
Amber Wyman

French Horn
Brian Smith, Principal
Peggy Copp
Lucy Adams
Martin Goni

Michael C. Raney, Principal
Steve O’Connor
Kris Tiner

Jared Delgleish, Principal
Marisa Aoki
Norm Campbell

Glenn Bowles, Principal

Ernie Cervantes, Principal
Cyndi Hicks
Matt Bornong
Robert Cervantes
Rebecca Spickler
Amanda Posey
Eliza Kinney

Elizabeth Cervantes, Principal

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