Just a few days before Mother’s Day, the Bakersfield Symphony launched its Mini Concert program in an effort to continue to provide quality music to our community in the midst of cancelled performances and quarantines caused by the pandemic.  We were thrilled to have found a way to incorporate live music into people’s lives, especially in a time when everyone seemed to be starved for human interaction.

Everyone involved, from those who purchased the performances, to those who listened to them (both the intended audience and surprised but happy neighbors), to the musicians themselves, was thrilled, and often deeply moved, by the experience.  We were able to spread a little joy in a time of great worry and uncertainty, and we would like to thank you for being a part of that.  Without your time, interest, and love of your own friends and family, this endeavor would not have been a success.  Thank you!

While this was a not-for-profit endeavor meant to bring joy to our community, many of you chose to make additional donations to the Symphony on top of the fee charged for the concerts.  We cannot thank you enough for your generosity.  In spite of the cancellation of large-scale concerts and the revamping of much of our programming for the upcoming season – in reference to both our concert season and our educational programming – we are working hard to stay relevant and provide quality, shared musical experiences for our community.  Every donation helps us realize this goal.  Once again, thank you for your generous gifts!

Due to the extreme heat of Bakersfield summers, our Mini Concert season has come to an end, but the Bakersfield Symphony is far from being done with its work.  We will be taking the next few weeks to prepare for our upcoming concert season, which boasts programs of fantastic music and showcases local talent.  Our concerts will be streamed online until restrictions are lifted and we are allowed to have large gatherings, and if you watch carefully, you may see your Mini Concert musicians on stage!  We are looking forward to making music together once again, and we hope you will be there to share the experience with us.  Be sure to check our website for updates and watch for our e-newsletter in your inbox.